Elecont Launcher

Elecont Launcher 1.0.241

Access your favorite apps from your Today screen


  • Quicker way to access apps
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly customizable


  • Can make your Today screen a little cluttered

Very good
Accessing applications and resources on your Pocket PC can sometimes be a bit fiddly. So, perhaps it's time you installed an application launcher on your Windows Mobile device.

Elecont Launcher is a fully-featured quick launch plug-in for your Today screen, designed to provide you with speedy access to your favorite programs, web addresses, documents, or control panel items.

Setting up Elecont Launcher proves very easy. You simply need to click the icons you want to appear on the Today screen from the list displayed. Here you can even set up quick links to files on your device that you regularly need access to. Other things you can customize are the size of the icons (small, medium, big, very big), sounds, and the interface language.

Elecont Launcher certainly offers a finger-friendly way of accessing apps and files from the main Pocket PC display. However, you should be careful about adding too many shortcuts with Elecont Launcher, as your Today screen can end up looking a little overcrowded.

If you're sick of having to wade through countless screens to get to your favorite apps, then Elecont Launcher is well worth a try.

Elecont Launcher


Elecont Launcher 1.0.241

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